Photography: A wonderous fulfilment?


Is it?

Photography I mean.

Is it fulfilling?

I don’t know; But I want to find out.


Family Dinner: A facade or a luxury?

Family Dinners.

We all see it in American movies but are they just too much of an expectation?

Working 48 hours shifts a week certainly doesn’t help when you have a family.

So is sitting down at a table, as a whole family, sharing your news too much for families struggling to pay their bills?

Is this an exception when it comes to choosing workload over family?

It depends where your view-points lies.

I personally think no. If you can’t honestly make time for dinner, the least you could do is make time for other activities but lots of families don’t and they don’t care.

How are we meant to progress in life if our parents didn’t?

After all, we are all a product of our environment and surely we learn things by example.

But how are we meant to if our parents’ led the wrong ones and the wrong choices.

Are we just suppose to suffer inside, to take it in, like a man (or a manly woman)?

Or are we supposed to, no matter how hard it is, change.

Change our parent’s ways and do better, in spite of them, or is that too much to ask, to try?

This is the problem with society; The domino effect.

When something goes wrong, the chips will fall and it’s up to us, the new generation, to try and to pick them [chips] up.

The sixty four thousand dollar question is can we do it? Can we try?

Can we fix the mess of our older generations?

Winter Frost

Winter is coming.

We have to face it.

Most people go on about how it’ll be great and we’ll get to throw snowballs at each other.

But snowballs aren’t that great, you mould a bit of frozen water in your hand and it soaks your hand/glove as you aimlessly (while freezing) throw at someone within a couple of yards away.

Also, have you ever got hit by a snowball?

Not quite the pleasant experience you were expecting…

Having said that, a couple of years ago on a particular frosty morning I (unashamedly) threw a big fat snowball at a girl (whom I did not like)’s face – Result!

But overall, once the novelty wears off, all you are left with is a cold, wet feet and a lot of laundry.

Not exactly a christmas miracle…

Do you agree?

Or is winter your favourite season? –

You Decide.


Everywhere I go, I always (mostly) see people smiling or at least trying to, which made me think. We are always told smiling is good for you, right? But is it really?


If you, like many people are interested in botox and love to smile, is that really such a good combination?

Think about it. All your muscles tightened. No emotion. And you are baring your teeth for all to see.

Not exactly the impression you want to create.


Most people never smile naturally. So we are brought up to believe we must smile even if we don’t mean it. Because it’s polite. But it is fair to both you and the person you can’t even bother feigning natural emotions to? We are a product of our society.                                 But society isn’t as real as most people would hope to believe.

Now what I am spouting off could and very well may be a total exaggeration, but it’s worth to think about, isn’t it?

So Think.

Is it better to be polite, or to be yourself?

Because that is the choice.

Buckle down and bare a grin or be yourself.

And we were taught to be ourselves.

Remember all the School Assemblies? Or is that just me?

But think about it, If we are told to do one thing as well as the other, which one should we choose. Which one is better, nicer, more human?

You Choose. You Decide.



Pressures, Stress and Separation: The recession that is Scotland’s Future.

Scotland Separating? Seriously?

Do you honestly think it’s going to happen?

Look at it this way: Edinburgh alone, gets 11 billion from the Westminster every year. If we go independent, it is highly likely we will go through a financial crisis and there will be no England to bail us out. Now clearly, since we have been united for 3 centuries you may feel a need to fight for this union.

I’m sure you know how much Scotland spends a year – 40 billion pounds. But do you know how much revenue we get back? Only 27 billion pounds. Now that is a 13 billion pound gap. That is the equivalent of 10,000 lifetime incomes combined for a woman. 10,000 lifetime incomes is the equivalent to how much Scotland needs, every year to pay for their budget if we get independent.
But Independence Supporters say oil is going to save Scotland from [going to] a crisis. Everyone thinks that. But, oil is running out. Prices are rocketing, which means barely anyone can afford to drive their cars any more. And in 10 years time, oil will run out. What are we going to do then? How are we going to pay 10,000 lifetime incomes, every year with no oil to fund us?

Many people say, before the oil will run out, we can spend money on Renewable energy, like wind turbines. But do you know what else is another problem? Global Warming! The winds are getting higher and stronger every year. So in ten years its going to be pretty fast. And some people may remember what happened in a little place called Ayrshire, in 2011. Yes. The winds was so strong that the wind turbines broke and went on fire. Now if in 10 years time the wind gets even stronger, this scene will become more common. And it will be our taxes the government will have to spend, to repair these turbines and get new ones. What do you propose Scotland should do then?

Now, I presume you are very familiar with the Kyoto Protocol. It was signed in the hopes of reducing our carbon emissions. But if we are going to be having temporary oil riches, would that not that mean our words would become hollow and empty? Independence may be fine for a couple of years but it is unreliable, unsafe and unstable. Wouldn’t it be easier to prevent this disease to our current economy than to clean up the troubles afterwards? It certainly would be cheaper. But the only way we can be against independence if UK votes. Votes for status quo. Because if we don’t, we will have to be dragged into Independence.
I say Pro Status Quo.

The UK has the Triple A Standard. Which is the best a company or country can receive, but according to my research, Three Top Credit Agencies (Standard’s & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch) believe Scotland would be unable to retain the gold standard. The gold standard means you can usually borrow at low interest rates as there is a low chance it won’t be repaid. If Scotland was unable to reach the grade, it would put up borrowing cost, having less money to spend on roads, hospitals and schools. If Scotland was downgraded by bond vigilantes, it would put up borrowing cost, having less money to spend on roads, hospitals and schools. Our taxes would be spent on borrowing rather than spending, on what the country really needs.

Do you want Scottish citizens reside in a city where our money will be taken away to pay back government loans and our needs will be left untreated? And instead we are receiving cuts on both our pay roll and our establishments: our stores and our education departments and our home affairs branches. Scotland and England needs to take a stand together as this referendum and this vote will be the biggest choice we will have to make in our lives and the biggest decision for Scotland.

I’m sure many people do not want a new nationality or a new blue passport. But these are all questions we will have to ask ourselves.
And what about currency or the E.U.? Will we stay with our pounds or will we have Euros or McPounds; a new Scottish currency. Because Euros and Pounds will not give us a economic independence and having a new currency in a middle of a recession is about as risky as you can get.
Are we really wanting to be stripped of our red and blue colour to just… blue? Because we won’t be British – just Scottish.

These are just some of the changes that are waiting to happen if we go independent. And what about our wealth status and how about our jobs? Politicians can operate on English issues but base in Scotland and vice versa. What will happen to them? And what will happen to the international businessmen?

Britain is not going down without a fight. There are bound to be riots and a major upheaval from the public. And what about are lack of unionism? We are wanting to separate 2 countries. 2 countries that have served well for 3 centuries.

As said by a renowned journalist working at the guardian newspaper “England and Scotland is our typical bickering marriage, but a marriage all the same. Divorce is unnecessary and painful.” Do we really need to endure the stage of grieving when these problems can get resolved through a bit of work? I always liked the idea of Devolution Max: we stay together and Scotland gets more power. This would be the best of both worlds but unfortunately Devo-Max is not in the referendum.

If we had become independent long ago, could you honestly say that Scotland would have been able to bail out Halifax of Scotland and the Bank of Scotland? Because the UK bailed us out, and with not even a thank you from us afterwards. England has put up with our problems and our needs. We shouldn’t be asking for a divorce – we should be thanking England. Thanking England for putting up with us.
Staying with the Status Quo may not be fully democratic but we get the support, the security and the social and economic boost with being part of the UK. We’re not in charge of all our matters but we are the 7th biggest economy in the world. Is it really worth it? To change everything?

Do you want a broken union?

Pressures, Stress, Separation: The recession that is Scotland’s future will most definitely be true if people vote, vote for Independence.

I’m a Scottish citizen myself and with the first opportunity I get, I most certainly will be voting, voting against scottish independence.

Won’t you?