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#Tweets people should never hear

I’m a big fan of twitter, as a lot of people are, but what I just don’t understand is the tweets some people tweet about.

For example

I’ve just looked at my twitter feed and someone has posted:

“Just drank coffe and I was sick”

HELLO! – MISSING E! MISSING FULLSTOP. Not to mention the vulgarity of that post…

next up..

“I iz awake”

‘iz’ seriously? Now the girl who posted that is actually really nice in real life, but damn does she have some serious grammar issues. And FYI if your tweeting, surely that implies ‘you iz awake’?

Sorry to be nit-picky but these are REAL examples that just get on my nerves.

Other #Tweets people should never hear include what you ate for breakfast (unless your ‘brand’ is food blogging), drug and substance abuse and over the top profanity (unless you don’t want your dream job), under-age anything (same rules apply), breaking a federal law (pretty self explanatory), trolling (do you want to go to prison?), sexting, blind date tweet,  erm.. nudity (the lengths people go to for a RT). I could go on but I think you get my point.

Ever seen a #tweet, you wish you hadn’t? Tell all about it down in the comments.

Image‘p-uh-leaze? does she think her boss doesn’t have twitter?!’