The Sacrifice (Novella – Part 4)

April 13th 1784

It is a cold day and I know why. School is almost here and that means so are my bullies.Why do I have to go? Their torture is enough for any man to take.My dad, Linnaeus says, but I am not of man, but that does not help. I am 12 years old though I wish I was older. So then, I would not require to go to school. I want a private tutor, but my dad said tutors are for wimps. I would happily call myself a wimp than to face those brutes once more. I told my father that but it is no use, he will not listen. Said I must face them like a true warrior. What if I don’t want to be warrior? Then can I see a tutor? But no, alas I must be a warrior. For my dad. Lord Linnaeus ‘the lavish‘ Bontrovla, 6th heir to Valion.  And me, just some wimp.. I am his one and true male heir but it doesn’t help that I am of mixed blood. My mother was a human, despicable creatures. At least.. That’s what my dad said, except he loved one of those “despicable creatures” but I don’t mention that, he’d only get in a rage. Sometimes I don’t get him but I suppose that’s what fathers are like, for you.

Till the next time, ye faithful journal

Robert Bontrovla.

He stared at his diary and wished that Funlka Huntress and Boldagdler Ripnerr (his bullies) were ill and not at school but he knew that would not be the case. He stood up from his seat and put on his jacket. Valion was a beautiful world, it never snowed and the plants grew as big as houses. He lived in urban Valion, just near the rural towns, in a massive white mansion. The colour white was only painted in houses of enormous wealth. Perhaps, royals, judges, politicians and socialites. Yes, he was of vast wealth. But no money in the world could stop his bullies. How prejudiced they were, discriminating him because of his mother. Oh, how he hated her, his mother, even though he never even knew of her. She was the reason he was sick of life, he was sick of school. Two things that were a privilege in these times. Oh how he knew, so many people with no education, none whatsoever. How lucky they were, he thought. He could hear his father calling for him and ran down the stairs. “How many times do I have to ask you to not do that!” his father exclaimed. “Not to do what?” Robert asked innocently. “You know perfectly well what I mean. Clomping down the stairs. It’s disgusting behaviour.” “So, I suppose one should be punished for that behaviour?” “Yes, one should!” “Oh. I see.. I’ll not go to school then..” Robert said walking away. “Come back here at once! Don’t think you’re so clever. Your punishment is to go to the Ripnerr’s and do extra school time with a tutor after school.” “No, not the Ripnerr’s. Please I’ll do better. I’ll even go up the stairs and down without making a noise. Please papa, just not the Ripnerr’s.” His son looked at him pleadingly. “This conversation is not up for discussion! But fair enough.. If you don’t make the slightest sound down the stairs, then yes. You won’t have to go.” And with that, his son went up and down the stairs not making the slightest whisper. “Good enough, now hurry up and leave. You’ll be late for school.” “Okay papa, thank you.” Robert responded. He climbed into the back of the car and headed for school. As soon as they reached the front gates, he could feel his hands getting clammier and his forehead sweating up. He could see Boldagdler and Funlka waiting for him, hitting their fists against their palms. He gulped and opened the door, he was hesitant but climbed out and walked in their direction. “I must face them like a warrior, I must face them like a warrior.” He muttered repeatedly. “Well well, if it isn’t Robert bubo-pants.” “Admirable humour, but I think where old enough to not play these silly little games, don’t you?” “Silly games? Well.. I suppose your right, bubo-pants. Alright, no more games.” He smiled maliciously. “Get him!” The boys grabbed Robert and turned him into bacon using a Fantormnous charm. They then put him on plate named ‘Professor Sweetcheek’s Dinner’ and walked off laughing. It was only till night time that Sweetcheeks smelt a faint lingering smell of potions, that he realised his food was compromised and so whisked his wand and hummed an anti-potions spell to re-form Robert. Last time, the boys turned Robert into a football and kicked him in their soccer pitch. How awful that was! He had to spend 2 weeks in the infirmary and the other time he spent a month after they used him as a javelin. Still, at least he could miss school when he was in hospital. The boys would always be let off, some way or another. Maybe their parents donated a hefty sum of money to the library or other means like that. It was repulsive they could get away with such sordid behaviour and Ripnerr was the worst of them all. He was the ring-leader operating and controlling his minions like little pathetic puppets. “He has so much power and abuses it all for fun. Heck, even his parents encouraged him, said it’s good to keep people in line. They sicken me. I know I’ll never do a thing like that. Why papa, why are they allowed to do this?” “I don’t know son, I don’t know… They own a quarter of Valion’s economy. They can do whatever they like.” “But, surely the people deserve better.” “Hush, now boy. Don’t talk about your cousins this way. After all they’re family.” Robert forgot about that. Ripnerr was so intent in destroying Robert because of that reason. Said he poisoned the blood-line. What a terrible creature, but a powerful one all the same…


The Sacrifice (Novella – Part 3)

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“Do not fear the winds of adversity.  Remember:  a kite rises against the wind rather than with it.”  ~ Unknown

Chapter III:

New Encounters


Goku woke up and looked out of his window. It was a sunny Tuesday morning and the sky was blue. He got out of bed and made himself some cereal. As he was eating, his telephone started to buzz. He looked at caller ID and groaned. It was Noris. He picked up the receiver reluctantly and asked what Noris wanted.

“Get yourself to the meadows!”


“Why not? The grass is the green, the sky is blue and there are two girls who are wanting to meet you,” enthused Noris.

“Should’ve known it had something to do with that.”

“Ha Ha, very funny(!) Now come and meet us in 5 minutes.”

“N- N- No.” he began, but it was no use. Noris already hung up.

He sighed and pondered for a moment whether it was worth listening to Noris. If he thought no.. his life would have carried on moment by moment. If he thought no.. he would have never met Marie… or Kelly. If he thought no.. his life would have never changed and he would have never become best friends with Noris, or fulfil his destiny. His whole life was on the balance at this particular choice of yes.. Or no.. even though he had no clue as to what was happening around him. He felt inclined to say no but somehow, at this very moment in time, somehow, he grabbed his coat and left his house. He unlocked his bike from the side of his house and sped away, into the traffic. Even though he was 19 and could drive a car, he always said that there was too much pollution in the world without him adding to it, he was clever like that. He reached Meadow Walk and locked his bike beside a railing. He saw Noris waving at him, nodded and ran ahead to them. Beside Noris, was the prettiest girl Goku ever latched his eyes on and he felt dumbstruck and speechless, oblivious to the fact his mouth dropped at her.


“H-h-hi,” Goku found himself saying.

“Goku, I find you met Marie,” Noris chuckled.

“M-M-Marie?” Goku asked.

“Yeah, Marie Henderson. How do you do Goku – ?”

“Oh, um, err..”

“Your name?” Marie asked.

“Right.. Ha-ha funny one, its um, eh..”

“It’s Goku Swo,” Noris offered. “Oh and Goku, this is Kelly Hung,” he smiled pointing to a very attractive brunette girl.

“Hi, Goku. Want to play Frisbee?”

“Err Sure, in a bit. First I want to talk to Marie, if that’s okay?”

“Yeah sure, go ahead. I guess I’ll just crush Noris then.” Kelly answered throwing the Frisbee high in the air.

“Not if I beat you first!” laughed Noris running ahead catching it.

“Hi.” Goku spoke.


“Do you want to grab a coffee?”


“How-” they said at the same time “Heh.” “How are you?” Goku asked.

“I’m good.  And you?” she replied.

“Yeah, I‘m good…” “I finally think so..”

After that, they found it hard to stop talking. They talked about everything: their hopes, their dreams, their hobbies even their fears. They caught up with Noris and Kelly and smiled at each other.

“Hey, your back!” Kelly enthused. “You just missed me beat Noris so badly.”

“Ha-ha I can imagine,” Marie chortled.

Noris was not bad at games just arrogant and competitive. Unfortunately, he was up against Kelly, a girl who excelled at everything she tried in. The park tensed up a bit. That what happens when you put two ambitious people head to head who loved winning. And you can only get one winner…

Noris had a good sense of humour and was a great conversationalist, both traits Goku found himself lacking in. Noris put the no in loner and had many, many friends except he always found himself wanting to hang out with Goku. Goku, a boy who once always kept his head in his books and listened to his parents, a boy who was once a nerd and always kept himself out of trouble, something Noris would never be able to do. Noris was very friendly but his mind could drift at some points (especially when people were talking to him.) He would never be able to read a classic book. Too slow. He needs fast-paced action and a bait. He has a lot of curiosity so all you would need to do is to reel him in. This was both a bad and good trait but luckily, he could lie his way around things. It was at this day, Goku and Marie became friends. This was a fixed point in their timeline and a very important point as well, the time where the four people knew of each other’s existence. The flying disc flew up in the air until Noris jumped and managed to catch it, losing balance and falling flat in his face. He won the game and smiled at Kelly.

“I guess we will have to see each other more for a re-match.” Kelly stated.

“I guess so.” Noris responded.

“Well till the next time, boys.” Kelly hooted, taking Marie’s arm. It was there that Noris managed to gain his friends’ respect.

“Till the next time..” Goku waved. “Thanks Noris.” He walked off to his bike and headed home.

“Heh, not bad Noris, not bad,” he thought to himself and he whistled home.

The Sacrifice (Novella – Part 2)

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“What is to give light must endure burning.”  ~ Emily Dickinson

Chapter II:

A Happy Beginning


Kelly darted from the kitchen to the living room and hurled the bowl of popcorn to Marie, nudging Noris to move from her spot. She grabbed the TV remote and popped ‘Lord of the Rings’ in the VCR. Noris Baker booed at Gollum and cheered for Frodo in his successful quest. Marie Henderson just sat there quietly popping popcorn in her frail mouth and Goku Swo just sighed at the TV screen. Kelly Hung however, was the creative kind. She was gastronomic and was a natural at cooking, a virtuoso and artistic as well. Yet friendly and ambitious with a passion to perfect her talent and an adventurous streak. She was the kind of girl who you would like to have as a lifelong friend. The kind that was independent and rational and stuck up for anyone. Noris knew that well and looked at her, wondering how he got a friend like that. The room was dim and was a mulberry shade. This meshed with the orange theme and the pine furniture. The silk curtains weaved across the windowpanes and the shallow rug was a swamp engulfing the oak floor. The atmosphere was bright and steady and they all sat there laughing. Noris grabbed a can of whipped cream and started spraying it amongst his friends’ faces. In just a matter of seconds a calm, clean apartment turned into a foam filled rowdy condo. The girls got up quickly and started squealing as Noris started aiming for Kelly. Then they just all stopped and chuckled, lounging on top of the couch.

“Merry Christmas,” Marie smirked.

“Merry Christmas!” They replied.

“Time’s moving so fast, only 3 weeks till 2004!” Kelly humoured.

“I wonder what we will be doing at this exact moment in three years time.”

“Probably watching ‘Star Wars’ by the looks of Noris,” hooted Marie.

They glimpsed at each other and smiled at the thought of watching movies over Christmas together. Goku looked at everyone and placed his arms over Marie’s shoulder. He took a mental image and wished that this moment would last forever.  Little did he know this was just the beginning.

February 12th 1752

‘Tis the day of Robert’s birth. He has a full head of hair and cool blue eyes just like sapphire jewels. He is destined for magnificent things I believe. I write this in a hurry as he is only in the room opposite me. A perfect little thing. We are in Pennsylvania at the mo’, at the first hospital in the U.S. We will head for Virginia in the first light and be home within a month. I have to leave now but it is imperative that you wait for us.

All my love,

Stephanie Canning

Stephanie and John Canning were right indeed about Robert. He was destined for magnificent things, many magnificent things indeed. He was to live three lives. This day was his first, the day he dies and becomes Godric Staedller will be his second and his fall will mark his third life. If only he knew, history would repeat itself. As it always does. In the bassinet, he seemed so innocent, at least to his mother but what she did not know, was the type of things he was destined for. She held his hand and sang a soft lullaby. He was of mixed blood. His father, his real father was called Linnaeus and was not of this world. His mother cooed him while her mind drifted to the whereabouts of Linnaeus. She then stroked her son’s cheek and thought about John’s safety in Virginia. She knew that one day she would have to give her son to Linnaeus so he could follow the footsteps, being the one male heir but chose to keep that out of her mind and sang to Robert once again. As promised in the letter, she packed her and Robert’s things and left to the Ship in first light. She hid Robert in the bassinet and passed it off as a basket of vegetables. A ship was not for a young child, especially of newborn age and she took in her power to make sure no one knew of her baby’s existence. She walked into her sleeping compartments and checked on Robert. He was still sleeping, so she woke him up and gave him some food. He happily slurped from the bottle and drank the bittersweet milk. She lay down in her bed and slept, but unfortunately, to sleep perchance to dream. And she dreamt of Linnaeus coming to her sleeping quarters and stealing Robert away from her. She rocked in her bed until she managed to wake up and she quickly lifted her head up to were she left Robert. The bassinet had only a note on it and all it read was: L for Linnaeus. Her baby was gone and it was all her fault…….

A throbbing headache came to his head and he could barely open his eyes. He looked from where he was sitting and saw his clothes by the side of his bed. Robert was 12 and it was ready for school.

The Sacrifice (Novella – Part One)

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“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”  ~ Napoleon Hill

This is a story of two great men fighting on either side. The first one had grown strong but was still weak and the second was very powerful with many help by his side. One was on the side of the angles and one on the side of the fallen, both battling to decide the fate of Valion and its trusty keepers. A gleam of a white sword lifted but Goku was no match for Godric. A fighting battle to the death began and the swords clashed together furiously. Time was running out. Goku’s whole life was made for this moment and he knew what he had to do. He took one look at Marie and mouthed two little words, ’I’m Sorry.’ This was it. No coming back. He took out his wand and drew a breath. He muttered a spell and took out all his life force from his birthmark onto Godric. Godric’s smile instantly vanished and the two men slumped onto the ground.

“We’d never know how high we are ’till we are called to rise; and then, if we are true to plan, our statures touch the sky.”   ~ Emily Dickinson

Chapter I:

The Fall


Goku finally rid himself of all cowardice and lay across the rubble and dust. His eyes flashed before him and his skin turned a plain dismal white. His lips were an ill-favoured purple and his life was sucked out of him. All that lied there was a ghost. An apparition of what used to be a great man. Now – Nothing…

Escaped tears came from his friends but the elves stopped them from getting too close. The purple ogres knelt down and bowed to him. The magical creatures knew all too well about a big sacrifice and wept for the monsters who gave their life to protect Valion. The heat blazed from the fire torches and a swirl of smoke weaved through the cravat.  The bouldered walls held the cave’s poor frame and the pitter-patter of the rocks gently sloshed through the stream. By now, Godric’s body had stiffened and started to crack. His fiery amber eyes changed into a cool sapphire blue and his incorruptibility was taken away from him. He bore only 10 foot away from Goku and stood there, as a helpless mortal. His existence of over three decades seemed like nothing now and the trolls were in amazement of how someone so high could fall so low. They both were purged from all sense of uncertainty and drollery but were complete opposites all the same. Kelly Hung scanned the area but her eyes darted to Goku. He stood there breathless, but then… A hand moved!