Ayah-Sofia reviews: Key Change


Key Change is a powerful show exploring the lives of female convicts affected by gender violence and domestic abuse. Their story sounds all too familiar for the thousands of women trapped in the UK criminal justice system.

We’re given a performance that toes the line between entertainment and reality. We observe the lives of teenagers, mothers, addicts, and most importantly – women.

This theatrical piece is wonderfully written, and gives us an insight into the lives of forgotten women. Through powerful music and choreography, we’re transported to a different world full of emotional turmoil and heartbreak.

This isn’t a tale of friendship. It’s a tale of survival.

As the prisoners list all the things they miss in their former lives, one line particularly resonated with me:

“I miss being treated with respect.”

In captivity, women are denied recognition, and have their identity stripped away.

Make no mistake: this performance doesn’t…

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How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur (Interview)

I have conducted an interview on how to be a successful entrepreneur. This is all part of me finding out what I like to write about and figured, business is the way to go.


Ayah-Sofia: For this interview I met up with people involved in business and asked questions about how they got into business and enterprise and what’s their personal take on it.

How did you get interested in business?

Carol Wilson, Business Teacher: I became interested in business after I took english so I took a later degree in business and I firmly believe business is important and that you should have a knowledge of it.

Sammy Semlali, Sole Trader: I became interested in business because I felt it was a prosperous area and it came with adventure and security.

Why did you decide to enter business as a career?

Carol: I decided to teach business as I’m interested in dealing with young people.

Sammy: I decided to own a business because I wanted to be my own boss.

When did you start this job?

Carol: I started my teaching job 20 years ago.

Ayah: So was that your first business-related job?

Carol: No, I started working in an insurance company then I worked in social care and looked after young children and by the time they grew up and went to school I decided to get a degree teaching business.

Sammy: I started my own business 19 years ago.

Ayah: Was that your first business-related job?

Sammy: No, I worked in various hotels and restaurants.

What did you learn when working in those jobs?

Carol: In the insurance company, I learned about the industry and how it worked and I saw how people was dealing with Thatcher’s downturn in the eighties and nighties and how they were suffering from the policies made by her. Later on when I worked in social care, I started to learn how young people dealt with their background which made it a very rewarding experience.

Sammy: I learned about the skills required when dealing with customers and how customers are the key point to success. I also learned that experience is crucial in the business world.

When do you think, in your opinion, did you succeed? What is your personal milestone?

Carol: I think the highlight of my career is just watching the kids I teach grow into fully-mature adults and leave school to do successful, brilliant things.  We’ve had lawyers, doctors, TV producers and even people setting up their own businesses. So just knowing you played a part in that is definitely very rewarding.

Sammy: I think the turning point of my career was owning a successful and established business.

What do you think the benefits/disadvantages of being an entrepreneur is?

Carol: The benefits, I think, of being an entrepreneur is working your own hours, being your own boss and the rewards made by your hard-work. I would say the disadvantages would be the time and money you need to invest at the start of your business to make your brand successful, however, if people are willing to work for it, then the rewards are very high.

Sammy: The benefits of being an entrepreneur is having money in the bank, working for yourself and creating jobs for other people. The disadvantages are it being a full-time job as the schedule is never predictable and that there isn’t a guaranteed paycheck at the end of the month.

What advice would you give to people thinking of entering this area?

Carol: Find as much information on your subject as possible, become knowledgeable of that specific area. If you want to become a golf entrepreneur or produce something make sure you know everything there is to know about that. Get to know your market. I would do is go round businesses and get advice from them and go to an enterprise company and get as much advice as possible and try to get some finance to back you. Do your homework and really just go for it.

Sammy: Go the extra mile, this isn’t a career in which you can be lax – it is time-consuming and requires a commitment and a high work threshold but the rewards that come attached to this job title is well worth the time and effort invested.

Any questions or comments?

Carol: No, I think we’ve covered everything and I think this interview is very interesting so I’d love to see what the results of it are.

Sammy: Being an entrepreneur is a very good job and having a happy customer and the bills paid is very satisfying so I would recommend it to anyone.