Photography: In Unlikely Places

I decided to be a tad more adventurous and starting taking pictures: In The Back Of A Coach.

I took these pictures back in October 17, (it’s April 3 right now) but I never got round to publishing them. These are just a couple within the 70 I took in that coach. It’s a bit blurry but.. oh well!

Anyway, it was quite exciting taking pictures fast and trying to take the picture within a couple of seconds. So here it is. Tell me what you think.



Photography: Summer Fun

Sorry about the delay but you will be happy to know, I have taken more than enough pictures to make up for said delay. I was rather preoccupied and without computer hence there is no new blogs.

And okay. It’s not summer. That doesn’t mean there can’t be a summer sun.

And it is (I have to say) pretty fun.


I am just getting into photography and started taking some pictures today (with my new camera)

I am just taking random shots and angles at the moment and I am particurlaly interested in chrome.

I think this sets the mood a little more.

I will be updating pieces every now and again but for now, this is just a rough cut.

Please tell me what you think.


Everywhere I go, I always (mostly) see people smiling or at least trying to, which made me think. We are always told smiling is good for you, right? But is it really?


If you, like many people are interested in botox and love to smile, is that really such a good combination?

Think about it. All your muscles tightened. No emotion. And you are baring your teeth for all to see.

Not exactly the impression you want to create.


Most people never smile naturally. So we are brought up to believe we must smile even if we don’t mean it. Because it’s polite. But it is fair to both you and the person you can’t even bother feigning natural emotions to? We are a product of our society.                                 But society isn’t as real as most people would hope to believe.

Now what I am spouting off could and very well may be a total exaggeration, but it’s worth to think about, isn’t it?

So Think.

Is it better to be polite, or to be yourself?

Because that is the choice.

Buckle down and bare a grin or be yourself.

And we were taught to be ourselves.

Remember all the School Assemblies? Or is that just me?

But think about it, If we are told to do one thing as well as the other, which one should we choose. Which one is better, nicer, more human?

You Choose. You Decide.