If you haven’t been checking my other posts, I’ve decided on doing my bests (and worsts) of 2012/2013, and this will cover absolutely anything and everything from pet names to #tweets.

Number six on the list

  • #6 worst American airline (according to travel.usnews.com) I said I’d be covering everything…

“Delta Airlines”. 2012 saw this airline company commit animal cruelty. In fact, 2011 made Delta responsible for the highest number of in-flight animal deaths – yikes! I wouldn’t bring my dog to their plane if I were you…

Seventh up

  • #2 best laptop (according to laptopmag.com)

“Lenovo”. Well there’s a dark horse if there ever was one.. Valued best for its innovation and customer service, Lenovo proves to be trusty and reliable.

Eighth on the go

  • #1 worst tweet (according to GQ.com) 

Florida sportswriter “Vito Stellino” had an unfortunate accident with twitter, instead of tweeting a video about a minor league football, he instead ‘treated’ his followers to a video named ‘Hot blonde f***** backstage’. Next time watch what your pasting…

Ninth up

  • #4 worst dressed celebrity at the Grammy’s (according to nydailynews.com)

“Sasha Gradiva” strutted to the carpet holding her pink wispy dress and 2 guns. Say what? Sasha ain’t no Lady Gaga, so what’s with the artillery? That’s one accessory she wished she never wore.

Tenth on

  • #3 worst celebrity baby name (according to sheknows.com)

Uma Thurman named her baby girl “Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence”. I mean – are you kidding? Imagine primary school, saying that name in the register. Poor RAAAF – that’s what people will say! Best stick to her nickname ‘Luna’…

This is the end to Part II – so keep on watching for more of FBOTY.

Image‘Bad Tweet Alert’

Image‘Is this meant to be the Grammy’s?’


FBOTY (Part I)

If you haven’t been checking my other posts, I’ve decided on doing my bests (and worsts) of 2012/2013, and this will cover absolutely anything and everything from pet names to #tweets.

Number one on the list

  • #12 worst password (according to CNN.com) are you ready for it…

“trustno1” – I mean really?! “trustno1” is your password? what are you, some slim shady wannabe? no.. just no.. in fact, to some up my thoughts in a picture, pic.twitter.com/olL3SQ655P (really.. no just no..)

Second up

  • #1 tv show (according to SFGate.com)  and one i personally love…

“Homeland” – yes the show about the CIA officer tackling America’s threat to national security. Hey – if it’s good enough for Obama, then it’s good enough for me.

Third on the list

  • #2 worst job (according to Forbes.com) i’m being 100% serious

“Milk farmer”. just one more time (if you didn’t read it right), Milk farmer. I’m being deadly serious and this job is deadly. Being a milk farmer means you work in all weather conditions – in hail, sleet and snow (no sick day for you!) and working with large animals means you are exposing yourself to potentially losing (or breaking) limbs due to said animals standing on you. Plus – another added bonus (just for you!) LOW PAY.

Fourth down

  • #1 movie (according to a movie fan on IMDB) i have to agree..

“The dark knight rises” despite a slow start – AMAZING. Great way to end the trilogy and amazing special effect. Even though this may not be British, I still prefer it over Skyfall, even though the critics may not agree.

Fifth to go

  • #5 meme (according to EW.com) and the sole reason to my messed up FB feed.

“Grumpy cat” Yes, this reached number 5 – and with good reason, from ‘a little bird told me it was your birthday – i ate him’ to ‘i had fun once – it was awful’ this cat deserves a small accolade. and guess what? – his name is TARD!

This is the end to Part I – so keep on watching for more of FBOTY.

unknownAww Tarby!

FBOTY (intro)

Sorry for taking ages,I know, my first blog this year!

I had all these commitments, no excuse I know, but I’m here now. (it’s the thought that counts.)

Since it’s my [first blog of the year]!! I’ve decided to do something special – rehashing all the topics I’ve left out over the year.

My top moments of 2012 (and the ones that just need to be said) and a few moments from 2013

I’ll be spreading these moments within a few blogs – so look out for them by searching up                        FBOTY

until then.. a final apology.. Sorry!

Image‘Patrick’s sorry too..’