Birthday Blog (One Year On!)

My blog is one years old! Yay 🙂




Since the domain name of my blog cleared, I have:

  • Been a guest writer on several blogs
  • Held my first event (successfully ♥) as a Brand Ambassador
  • Had my work published!
  • Discovered my passion for helping others (non-profit sector); and
  • Achieved my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award!!


    I have seen, watched, read, heard and felt more than I could possibly process. I have discovered new cultures, new information and new emotions, and I can honestly say I have come out the other side as a much better, intelligent and stronger person. This blog was created after seeing my friend develop her own writing blog (Starting Write) but has since developed and evolved into something more than a little experimentation and experiencing this journey with you- my 49 brilliant and loyal followers – well.. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


    Thank you and Happy Birthday.


Birthday Girl

So.. yes it’s my birthday!

I have had a surprising okay day at school today. Even a double period of French wasn’t terrible!

Now another year passes which promises more freedom than the last.. Yes that does mean 15 movies at the cinema!!

Hmm.. I think I’ll take the day off today and just.. relax!

I’ll try and update as soon as possible but for now I think I’ll just revel in my youth. As (immature) youngsters say, oh so stupidly, YouOnlyLiveOnce, so #YOLO and good night.