Hot Brown Honey – Review (Feminist Fest)

Hot Brown Honey… where to even begin?

Branded as ‘hip hop politics’, the all-female troupe are experts in comedy, spoken word, dance and cabaret. They are truly a revolution. With their seductive ways, they’ll invite you into their beehive and show you a whole new world. Preaching intersectional feminism, the Honeys will have you jumping out of your seat, chanting along and swaying to the music all in the name of social freedom.

From a jokey scene involving a care-free ‘typical Western tourist’ to a chilling 911 call from a victim of domestic violence, the performers skilfully give us a taste of their repertoire. In between the jokes and seamless choreographic dances, they drive home an important message: that inequality is rife in our society. It may range from subtle microaggressions, the ‘can I touch your hair?’ and ‘where are you really from?’, to the blatant racism in the sale of golliwogs in Australia. Our ignorance ends in violence and racial perceptions are steeped in blood.

As I’m writing this, the last hours of my being a seventeen year old are dwindling. The vestiges of my adolescence are a reminder that a different world is yet to come. The Honeys may be fun but they never fail to point out the injustices in society. A powerful political piece, Hot Brown Honey captures and retains the attention of the audience for the entirety of the show. Once it’s finished, you’ll be wanting to rewind and watch it all over again.

A clear 5 star show, the Honeys are right in saying “fighting the power never tasted so sweet”.


Ayah-Sofia reviews: Whiteout

Check out my #feministfest 2016 review on Barrowland Ballet’s ”Whiteout” performance!


Behold, a black screen. A girl floating; her body a piece of clay. She is lost in time and space. Wrapped in confusion but nonetheless ever serene. She is all of us and yet she is unique. Her fluid motions set her free from the world’s painful, unrelenting grip. In the midst of chaos, she is finding herself.

Barrowland Ballet‘s dance and physical theatre performance Whiteoutis a little crazy, a lot of fun and very symbolic. Opening with a powerful introduction, the strong dancing ensemble stagger their way through each chapter of their lives, discovering new challenges and overcoming social stigma as they find themselves in bi-racial relationships.

At the beginning of their journey, we are witnesses to their confinement and daily struggles. Our senses overwhelmed by the commanding music, we zero in on their every move; each pirouette, jump and pose executed with precision.

At times…

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Lucie Pohl: Cry Me A Liver – Review

Cry Me A Liver is a versatile sketch-show that sees Lucie sporting a wide array of accents to go with her stereotypical characters.

dance putin

Her performance is flawless, and at times you just can’t help yourself but smile. We’re given a real show. From Putin’s sperm to an overambitious career mum, to a fanatical German show host, we’re able to observe the complexities of Pohl’s personality and her boundless talents.

She even lends us a true gem: “You know how you know who you is? By knowing who you ain’t is.”


Unfortunately, some of her punch lines fails to hit the mark. At times, her jokes about sexism seems less funny and more uncomfortable, and her show is ultimately let down by a poor script. Her slightly crude New-York style humour can appeal to some, however, for me it just didn’t work. Go watch the show with caution, and a basic understanding of Benicio del Torro.


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Ayah-Sofia reviews: Black is the Color of My Voice

Here is my #Fringe review on Black is the Colour of My Voice!


Having watched the Netflix documentary, “What Happened, Nina Simone?” I thought I had some idea of what to expect from Apphia Campbell’s Black is the Color of My Voice. I was wrong.

The show completely surpassed my expectations. Powerful and evocative, Campbell breathed life into Mena Bordeaux, a jazz singer and activist inspired by the life of Nina Simone.

From racial discrimination in childhood to love (and its absence), from falling from grace to redemption, the audience is taken on a moving and relentless journey as Mena tries to find the meaning of self-worth and identity.

Apphia is a star when it comes to her singing – her songs left the audience in awe.

A magnificent show and a true gem, ‘Black is the Colour of My Voice’ deserves no less than a five star rating.

Black is the Color of My Voice | 1.15pm | Gilded…

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Key Change: Fringe Review

I’m excited to announce that I am part of the feminist fest blogging team this summer as supported by Engender and YWCA Scotland. I’ve just finished a review on an amazing show called Key Change. Please check it out, and check out the other reviews because they’re simply wonderful! They’ll tell you all you need to know about the must-see shows in Edinburgh involving gender and equality.

Key Change is a powerful show exploring the lives of female convicts affected by gender violence and domestic abuse. Their story sounds all too familiar for the thousands of women trapped in the UK criminal justice system.

We’re given a performance that toes the line between entertainment and reality. We observe the lives of teenagers, mothers, addicts, and most importantly – women.

This theatrical piece is wonderfully written, and gives us an insight into the lives of forgotten women. Through powerful music and choreography, we’re transported to a different world full of emotional turmoil and heartbreak.

This isn’t a tale of friendship. It’s a tale of survival.

As the prisoners list all the things they miss in their former lives, one line particularly resonated with me:

“I miss being treated with respect.”

In captivity, women are denied recognition, and have their identity stripped away.

Make no mistake: this performance doesn’t end with a happily ever after. It’s raw, dark, and honest. It’s the reality for most female inmates.

One thing we know for sure is this. These women are not victims; they’re survivors.

The Rise of the Edinburgh Freelancers (And London’s attraction to them)

My fourteenth blog has been published and it’s about London’s interest to Edinburgh freelancers (The Rise of the Edinburgh Freelancers (And London’s attraction to them)), so please check it out and check out other people’s articles because it is really an amazing blog on virtually every subject out there.

Freelancing has often been dubbed as the “industrial revolution of our time” or the “rise of the creative class” but what exactly is the reason behind the success of the £202 million freelance market that is starting to captivate Edinburgh’s own residents and London’s companies to them?

“The phenomenon of flexible working benefits everyone; as a freelancer I feel like I can pick my working hours ensuring a stable work/life balance and I guess this also is beneficial to companies as they can save time and money by paying for only the services they need,” says Mary Thewart, a freelancer in Edinburgh who specialises in book-keeping and accounting.

Mary Thewart, is just one of the many freelancers in Edinburgh who are finding work sourced from London-based companies.  According to a report released by the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, and Vodaphone UK, “UK organisations that maximize flexibility in their labour force could make savings and achieve productivity increases adding up to a total value of £8.1 billion”. This research taken from a survey of over 2,800 employers and workers can back up some of the benefits of freelancing.

Edinburgh’s freelancers especially, are finding that London companies are reaching out to them and as a consequence, freelancers are receiving more work opportunities from companies in London.

Lovemycourse are just one of the London-based companies noticing the rise in revenue from residents in the Edinburgh area over the last two months.

A spokesperson from Lovemycourse states, “We have observed a growing market for freelance work in Edinburgh. We believe this is as a result of consumer spending and interest in that area. In fact, in the last six months, bookings made there has increased by 15%.”

With technology accumulating and adapting to our wants and needs, a market has grown for freelancing websites. These websites allow freelancers, especially those living in areas like Edinburgh, to work with companies all over the world and “sell” their services from the comfort of their own home to buyers in need of designers, writers, marketing professionals or software developers.

Lovemycourse is one of the many websites that offer freelancers the opportunity to showcase their work in their local area. John Wilson, a freelancer and Director of Fireworks web Design Company says, “I understand a lot of people are put off freelancing as they are unable to find work that pays well. This, however, is changing. As more freelancing websites are gaining popularity, this generates increased profits allowing our economy to grow. I see nothing wrong with freelancing; I think it offers you a lot of amazing opportunities and would encourage everyone to try it out.”

Some of the companies using Lovemycourse’s services include Lothian Wine School, Bellini Cookery School and Millefiori Floral Design.

The Edinburgh Hat Studio is one of the many companies using sites like Lovemycourse to increase awareness of their companies through the use of instructional courses, which in The Edinburgh Hat Studio’s case is a hat-making lesson.

Another example of a freelancing website is peopleperhour, who take a buyer and a seller and create a “match” for only a 10% cut, and with an average job value of $547 (£378), peopleperhour is one of the lucrative freelance websites.

Freelancer is the largest and oldest freelance website, reputed for the diversity and amount of work available, and with over 8 million users, employers can hire a freelancer to do contract work for a fraction of the price.

Many freelancers self report higher pay rates, higher levels of job satisfaction and a greater work/life balance than traditional jobs but it is still not for everyone. The question is, is it for you?

Feel free to comment down below on what you think of the article and I will be continuing to upload all my blogs for moonproject on as many issues as possible from current affairs to travel.

My PR Internship: “The Hot Tin Roof Experience” (Day Five)

The fifth (and last) installment of my experience at a  Hot Tin Roof (a Public Relations Agency) internship is now available. My blog posts on the last four installments are available hereherehere and here.

I will be publishing HTR’s blog here on a daily basis (this week), so please check it out, and hopefully it will inspire you to undertake an internship yourself!

Day Five (18/10/13) my final day…

This morning I reviewed and edited my press release. The feedback I have received has been very encouraging, however, I understand my press release is a little bit too detailed. On a lighter note, I have stuck to the correct structure and understood the client effectively. When writing a press release, you are given the challenge to cover all aspects in as few words as possible – a little tricky, but certainly very interesting to write up.

I also looked at Hot Tin Roof’s social networks and was shown some apps they use to track responses – Hoot Suite and Social Bro. I would recommend everyone to sign up for those website as they are really nifty and valuable applications. I love them so much, in fact, I am even going to start using them when I get home! Joe showed me a lot of tricks that I will definitely be using after my placement.

I am, sadly, finishing this blog. I have had a great time writing it but the time has come for an end. I have loved every minute of this placement and would encourage everyone interested in Public Relations or Journalism to undertake an internship relevant to the field. The last thing you would want to do is leave University as a journalist only to find you hate deadlines or worse, writing! Also, if you’re stuck on finding work experience, why don’t you try volunteering, or even starting your own blog? Employers will be impressed to see you can handle such a commitment and may even start to picture you working in their firm.

To sum everything up, no day in the PR world is the same. There will always be a dozen tasks waiting for you, but if you work at it, there will also always be rewards waiting for you at the end of the day. Whether you make a client happy, write an amazing press release or receive an invite to a company event, there will always be a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Just don’t forget to enjoy your experience and take deep breaths!

Have you experienced an internship that you would love to share? Let me know!

And as always, feel free to leave any feedback or questions in the comments section down below.